The Secret Sky Garden


Funni loves the old airport carpark. She watches the planes, plays the recorder and dreams over the horizon of blue roofs. Yet, something is missing- The Secret Sky Garden. When Zoo sees the result of Funni’s effort from overhead, he determines to discover it, and its creator.

‘he Secret Sky Garden is a beautiful story of hope against adversity, and the determination of friendship. We recommend The Secret Sky Garden as a satisfying bedtime read, a ‘forever’ book for home and class. It seems that upon each read we recognise more, from friendship, to hope, to connection.

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The Secret Sky Garden

Linda Sarah and Fiona Lumbers

(Simon & Schuster)

Funni loves the old airport carpark. She watches the planes take off and land, and looks over the blue rooftops that stretch for miles. Although this is a place to play her recorder and fly her kite, Funni feels something is missing. Therefore, might isolating a plot of land offer something? Maybe The Secret Sky Garden? Then again, what of the passenger, high in the clouds overhead, seeking hope in the perpetual greyness of the scene below? Is it possible that Zoo might spot Funni’s efforts?
Like Number 7 Evergreen Street, it seems this allegory of hope from Linda Sarah and Fiona Lumbers inspires and heightens our senses. What’s more, there are avenues to discover with each reading. Then again, there is the friendship. It seems we recognise the isolation of Funni and Zoo and what this project means to them and then others. Furthermore, the use of colour is sensational; it means we realise the bonds of trust, the community connections and then the growth of hope from Funni’s idea. Altogether, Bookwagon recommends The Secret Sky Garden highly to our readers as a title to linger over, listen to and love.


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