The Secrets Act


When an accident causes the death of Richard, dispatch rider from Bletchley Park, Pearl is heartbroken. However she and new friend, Ellen, are suspicious. There seems little evidence to suggest an accident, while Richard was a proud rider, if outspoken. Then again, Pearl’s shared her concern about the changes in secret parcels she carries; something is ‘not right’.

As Pearl and Ellen investigate Richard’s death, they become involved in a complicated spy plot deep within top secret Bletchley Park. While Pearl is quick-witted and courageous, Ellen is a crack code breaker, logical and organised. However it seems she’s allowing herself to be swept away by somebody with shiny shoes…

The Secrets Act is a splendid, chilling debut novel from Alison Weatherby. We are taken to a time of doubt, uncertainty, sacrifice and courage.

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The Secrets Act

Alison Weatherby

(Chicken House)

Ellen is aware of The Secrets Act that is imperative to the job she’s stepping into. It seems her abilities with puzzles have catapulted her into a job at Bletchley Park where her skills will be put to work. However Ellen is very young, far from home and steeling herself to her new environment and its demands.
Meanwhile Pearl seeks a role similar to Ellen’s. However, she’s a local to Bletchley, where her mother works, and has yet to prove herself. Yet her role as messenger is both ‘the bottom rung on the ladder and the most critical’. Therefore, when she carries a parcel that ‘doesn’t feel quite right’, she reports it to her supervisor. Shortly after this, the dispatch rider for whom she has feelings meets an accident. Are these events connected? Then again, how does it impact on Pearl, and thereafter Ellen, with whom Pearl is beginning to form a friendship.
Bookwagon recommends this title to any older reader interested in war or detective stories. What’s more this history, that of Alan Turing and more, is so remarkable, that it needs to be known, realised and appreciated. The Secrets Act is a gripping debut novel from Alison Weatherby.


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