The Shadow in the North


Philip Pullman’s Sally Lockhart series sees the master storyteller on top form.  He blends fascinating Victorian era historical detail with thrilling mysteries and vivid characters. There are always plenty of thought-provoking parallels to contemporary issues.

The Shadow in the North‘, the second book in Philip Pullman’s classic Sally Lockhart series sees Sally, now aged 22, running her own financial consultancy. She is a thoroughly modern woman in an age when women and girls were not expected to be anything other than housewives and maids.  From the innocuous beginnings of a client’s suspiciously lost investment, Sally finds herself in a vicious web of murder and mystery. Soon she is ensnared in a whirl of high-society danger and deceit, which can lead her in only one direction – to the terrifying secret of the Shadow in the North.

The levels of mystery stack up, involving a charismatic master villains, clairvoyance, the early history of photography and even the beginnings of the arms race.  The pace is unremitting and the story is hugely enjoyable.  Sally is a wonderful role model and a fascinating character. There is plenty to captivate and enthral a teenage reader.


The Shadow in the North

A Sally Lockhart Mystery

Philip Pullman


Philip Pullman is of course a master storyteller and his Sally Lockhart series of novels are terrific reads for teenagers. They are populated with vivid characters, vile villainous villains and crammed full with historical detail.

In this second book in the series, Sally investigates the suspicious circumstances of a client’s lost investment, while struggling with her own personal relationships. We recommend this title to older, adolescent readers.


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