The Ship of Doom


The Ship of Doom opens in Greenwich in February 1894.  Luna is about to attend an evening at her aunt’s butterfly club.  She is not looking forward to it – it sounds deathly boring.  But it turns out that the members of the Butterfly Club are in fact time travellers.  They use their time travel  powers to borrow technology from the future in order to improve the life of people in their present time.  However, they must be aware of the so-called ‘butterfly effect’ – where changing the future can have heinous consequences.

Together with her friends, Konstantin and Aidan, Luna travels forward in time to 1912.  They find themselves on board a great ship travelling from Southampton to New York. They must locate a man called Marconi and his new invention: the wireless radio. But as the ship heads into icy waters, they discover its name: the RMS TITANIC. Of course the children are unaware of the ship’s tragic fate.

Can Luna and the boys save Marconi and his invention from the doomed ship?  Can they get the radio back home to the Butterfly Club? Then again, how will their actions change the rest of time?

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The Ship of Doom

The Butterfly Club 1

M. A. Bennett


The story of The Ship of Doom opens in Greenwich in February 1894.  Luna has to attend an evening at her aunt’s butterfly club and she is not looking forward to it.  An evening of deadly boredom seems to be on the cards.   As it turns out, the meeting, held in the Butterfly Room at the Greenwich Observatory, is not at all what Luna is expecting. For the Butterfly Club is a society with an unusual secret.  Members of the club are time travellers and they use their powers to ’borrow’ technology from the future to help people in their present.  They are warned however of the so-called ‘Butterfly Effect’ – where actions carried out in the past can have devastating consequences in the future.
Luna and her friends Aidan and Stan are asked by the club to travel forward in time to 1912.  Here they will be tasked with ‘borrowing’ the wondrous radio telegraph machine invented by Marconi.  Moreover, the children find themselves on an ocean liner heading from Southampton to New York.  Little do they know that the ship is none other than the RMS Titanic.  Of course, they are unaware of the Titanic’s fate.   Furthermore, they learn that the key to the binoculars cupboard is missing and that the warnings about icebergs were initially ignored.  Can the children save the fate of the Titanic and of they do, what might the consequences be?
This excellent middle-grade novel by M A Bennett mixes fantasy fiction with real historical characters.  The plot is superbly realised and the tension builds brilliantly.  Bookwagon is pleased to welcome further titles in this wonderful series, including The Mummy’s Curse


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