The Silent Stars Go By


Margot has kept her silence from Harry since he left for war. She’s aware that he was a POW in Germany and has worked for his uncle on a farm since returning. Now, they’ll be reunited in their Yorkshire village. Yet what has Margot held so close to her heart? What happened between them? Didn’t they declare their love and plan a future together?

How has war affected Margot and thereafter Harry, or her brother Stephen and sister Jocelyn? When she returns to Yorkshire, how can she fall into the expectations and routines of the vicarage. Will her parents ever accept her for who she is and thereafter for the mistake she made?

The Silent Stars Go By is a compassionate, empathetic and revealing novel for older readers. We realise the turning point of 1920, from women’s roles to the sensibility of a war exhausted population. Bookwagon is awed and moved by this insightful novel and recommends it highly.

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The Silent Stars Go By

Sally Nicholls

(Andersen Press)

The Silent Stars Go By as time passes and secrets are kept. Margot’s secret lives in the vicarage with her family. Yet it seems that it must be revealed with the return of Harry, the village boy who swept her off her feet four years before. Now he’s returned from war, emptied and wearied, confused by Margot’s silence.
What will Margot do by turning over systems that were set for her and her family years ago? Furthermore, how will anyone forgive her or understand her feelings? Thereafter, does the simple engagement band that Harry once pressed into her hand matter still?
It seems as though too much water has gone under their Yorkshire bridge that Margot and Harry might pick up again. Furthermore, what of the truisms of Margot’s family? Are they the right ones, standards to live by? How do they fit with Stephen, shattered from wartime, or then again, Jocelyn, stoically resigned to her fate?
The Silent Stars Go By is a tender, insightful and thoughtful glimpse of life after WWI. This was a pivotal moment in social history. Sally Nicholls takes one girl and builds our understanding of this moment superbly. Bookwagon recommends this book to our older readers for its compassion, consideration and care.


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