The Silver Donkey


I’ll admit that the nondescript cover deterred me from reading this book at the time of its original publication. However, having read and reread it since, the jacket fits perfectly with the hidden weight and gentle themes held within. ‘The Silver Donkey‘ is as precious as the namesake ‘silver donkey’ charm; a copy of which hangs from my charm bracelet, gifted by a grateful reader in my school book group.

‘The Silver Donkey‘ is an outstanding story of truth, courage, trust and love. When Marcelle and Coco stumble across a blinded and desperate British solder in the Normandy woods, they are captivated by his situation, history and stories, and determined to help him, despite their limitations and growing attachment. It is a story for all times, all ages- a quality ‘book for keeps’.  I recommend this story unequivocally. It should be included on every child’s bookshelf.

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The Silver Donkey

Sonya Hartnett


The Silver Donkey‘ is a talisman kept by the soldier whom the three children discover. Can they keep his secrets and help him on his way? This is a subtle, meaningful, ‘forever’ story that we urge every reader to experience.

Courier Mail Award

CBC Book of the Year


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