The Skies Above My Eyes


The Skies Above My Eyes‘ are full of unreachable life and unimaginable wonder. Charlotte Guillain and Yuval Zommer turn their gazes from The Street Beneath My Feet into the atmosphere and beyond.

In concertina fashioned, A3 sized, heavyweight card pages, the pair describe, create and contemplate what lies above us. From skyscrapers, to aircraft, weather balloons and satellites, we travel beyond the stratosphere. At each point, distances are shared to give us some idea of scale. These are enhanced by the book’s construction.

At 380,000 kilometres, we have moved beyond our moon and into the solar system. At this point, we contemplate the wonder of galaxies beyond ours, before beginning our descent to Earth.

What imagination, research and deliberation would be necessary to create and construct ‘The Skies Above My Eyes’! This is a prize title, one to be treasured by an individual, a perfect gift, a ‘forever’ find to be read and lingered over, often.

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The Skies Above My Eyes

Charlotte Guillain and Yuval Zommer

(words & pictures)- hardback

The Skies Above My Eyes‘ are laden with wonder and mystery. From the building tops, to aircraft, satellites and beyond the atmosphere we travel. What lies beyond? Charlotte Guillain and Yuval Yommer reveal the truths and possibilities in a drum-rolling concertina. What lies beyond? You will not believe it!



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