The Smell of Other People’s Houses


I found ‘The Smell of People’s Houses’ difficult to read, not because it wasn’t readable, but because the characters were so meaningful and real to me. I wanted things to go well for them. After I’d finished reading, they lingered with me; I suggest they will with you too.

Unlike many other young adult books, the setting was a determining factor, almost as much as the individual circumstances of each of the four main story tellers. They, their small Alaskan town, its limitations and choices, their friends and family, interconnect and implode in this poignant tale of identity. I love this meaningful, weighty, long-lasting and very impressive book. It is a reading treasure, with no sense of condescension of exploitation or condescension to the young adult reader. It is a quality reading selection.


The Smell of Other People’s Houses

Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

(Faber & Faber)

‘The Smell of Other People’s Houses‘ is a story of identity and finding your feet. Told through the separate experiences of four young people, each seems entirely isolated, until the parts begin to collide. This is a superb book. We recommend ‘The Smell of Other People’s Houses’ highly to our older readers.

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