The Snow Angel


From bustling Nairobi, to the foothills of Mt Kenya, from the rubbish heaps of the city slum, to snowy Glencoe, we journey with Makena. Ill fortune, epidemic, superstition and thieves conspire against her, and her friend, Snow. We learn so much along the way- from the ravages of consumerism, to the damage inflicted by fear and poverty. We realise the malice of rumour and misinformation.

I was ill prepared for ‘The Snow Angel‘; I thought it was a Christmas animal story. This is a story of survival, hope, open hearts and kindness. It is an essential Bookwagon title that we will be singing about from the top of our shelves.

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The Snow Angel

Lauren St John, with illustrations by Catherine Hyde


In bustling Nairobi, Makena dreams of a future climbing the Kenyan mountains like her beloved father.  Moreover, her mother has her looking ahead to the sort of academic career she enjoys. However, could fate have other plans? It seems that everything changes for Makena with one sweeping brush of a journey. Thereafter, how might this girl be recovered? What of her and others she discovers as she falls through the cracks of life? It seems Snow’s harsh experience has not embittered her, but rather she offers a shred of kindness to Makena in her fall. Then again, might there be another life, one that needs Makena? Maybe one that can learn from this girl?
The Snow Angel‘ is a mighty, unexpected, informative and rich book deserving of a huge audience. As with her superb series, The White Giraffe,  Lauren St John, demonstrates such empathy, knowledge and direction. Therefore, we are compelled by Makena’s story. It seems this girl must have a chance. Thereafter, how might it link to Scotland?
Bookwagon loves The Snow Angel‘ and recommends it highly to its readers.This is an astonishing, heart-racing and soul soaring story that deserves to be shared and realised.


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