The Snow Dragon


It’s Miracle Day at Griselda Bone’s Home for Strays. As ‘once you’re in you’re firmly in‘ the miracle for which Phoebe wishes is beyond her. Despite this, she stares at nothing through the windows, hoping and dreaming.

Miracle Day is the day upon which Phoebe and Herb, her sausage dog, farewell Jack as he goes to live with a real family. Phoebe is left to suffer the cruel certainties of Griselda Bone who denies Christmas, magic and dancing dogs. Surely Miss Bone cannot banish Phoebe’s dreams? Could the unexpected appearance of ‘The Snow Dragon’,  magicked from the whispering slivers of silvery snow dust help realise Phoebe’s aspirations and needs?

‘The Snow Dragon’ hears Phoebe’s hopes and needs. He realises this child with the true heart, and offers her the journey of a lifetime through the best day of her life. He promises Phoebe that someday her life will open up… could that day be close at hand?

Fiona Woodcock’s shimmering, fairy dusted illustrations are nostalgic, mystical and wondrous. They empathise with Phoebe’s hopes and dreams. Abi Elphinstone offers something Mary Poppins- like in her story. ‘The Snow Dragon’ is an instant Christmas classic, a story upon which to linger, love and cherish.


The Snow Dragon

Abi Elphinstone & Fiona Woodcock

(Simon & Schuster)

The Snow Dragon‘- ‘It_ can’t be…’ Phoebe [whispers]! Will a night in the kennels blast Phoebe’s daydreams into oblivion? Christmas holidays have been cancelled so that Griselda might continue with Phoebe’s lessons. Phoebe’s childishness is too much for Griselda. However, something magical happens as snow begins falling. The guardian snowman that Phoebe and Herb, the sausage dog, create, ribbons into something extraordinary. Furthermore this magical creature offers the pair adventures! His large ears hears every word mangle that Phoebe might utter, feels every stifled yawn and understands every fear and hope. Can ‘The Snow Dragon’ help Phoebe believe in the one miracle for which she hopes beyond all others?
Abi Elphinstone’s beautiful ice glittering titles including Sky Song and Rumblestar remind us to believe in the seemingly impossible. Furthermore they inspire us to hope and wonder and ‘stare at nothing through windows’. There is ALWAYS something to see!


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