The Snow Queen


Gerda and Kay’s devoted friendship is destroyed by a fragment from a mirror destroyed by a goblin. It’s that which puts ice into Kay’s heart and leads him to desert his home and become captive to The Snow Queen.

However, Gerda’s belief in her friend, leads her to take a bold, dangerous journey, through rivers and robbers. Along the way, a Royal couple take pity upon her, as does the robber’s daughter. It is she who charges her reindeer with the task of taking Gerda north to the Snow Queen’s castle to discover and rescue her friend.

Alongside Hans Christian Andersen’s traditional story, Lesley Barnes adorns the pages with intricate, glorious pop-up images that have us fall into the settings, from rose coloured walls, to flower gardens to the ice chilled north.

Bookwagon loves and recommends this beautiful book. The Snow Queen is ideal for reading and snuggling together, knowing and sharing, gifting and treasuring.

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The Snow Queen

With six enchanting pop-ups

Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Lesley Barnes


The Snow Queen collects Kay and takes him ‘over forests and lakes- further and further north‘. It seems ‘fragments from a mirror ‘have pierced his eye and now he can no longer feel ‘kindness or love’. What’s more, he cannot remember Gerda, the friend who is like a sister to him.
However, Gerda’s grandmother has told them both stories of this icy Queen’s journey, flying ‘in the thick of snowflake swarms‘ freezing windows as she ‘peers through‘. These, and her devotion to Kay, inspire Gerda to seek her beloved friend and return him to his home and rightful state. However, this is a dangerous, uncertain journey. It will mean sacrificing her red shoes to the river, and then sharing the story with a Royal couple. However their help of a golden carriage, treasures and fur lined boots, only make Gerda a target for robbers. Is it possible that the robber’s daughter will take pity on Gerda and instruct her reindeer to transport her north to the Queen’s palace to find Kay?
Alongside the traditional story from Hans Christian Andersen, this version offers six dazzling pop up pictures. Not only is the paper engineering complex and dazzling in its intricacy, but the colours are rich, overflowing, symbolic of seasons and feelings.
Bookwagon recommends The Snow Queen, like Pick a Pine Tree (pop-up) as a picture book to gift, read and share, know and treasure. It is a beautiful selection.


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