The Snowflake


As Noelle and Pappie walk home in the ‘cold, crisp air‘, they wonder at the sky. Might there be snow?

Far above them The Snowflake breaks free. Though she is at first determined not to fall, she’s caught by the currents. Thereafter, she tugs and weaves, wheels and dashes. As The Snowflake travels she sees other snowflakes, realising their different forms. The Snowflake is fascinated by the Christmas inviting, lit windows. Where might she land? Is it possible that she could arrive at a window like this?

When Noelle discovers a little branch, she announces it as perfect for her tree. Her mummy takes ‘down some old boxes and paper and, together with Pappie, Noelle’ decorates the tree. They use colours such as they’ve seen in the windows in the town, alongside paper snowflakes. Might this little tree be covered with ‘real snow’?

The Snowflake is tender, beautiful and hopeful. It is a shout to the seasons, the urgency of hope,  bond of family and wonder of nature. Benji Davies is an outstanding picture book maker whose work is a triumph. Bookwagon recommends The Snowflake as a picture book to gift, read and share, and treasure.

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The Snowflake

Benji Davies

(HarperCollins)– hardback

The Snowflake wonders where it might settle. While she loves weaving and skipping and twirling ‘between the clouds‘  she doesn’t want to fall. Therefore she twists and turns ‘that way…. that way and this way.
Meanwhile, Noelle and Pappie walk home through the ‘tree-dotted‘ hillsides, wondering if it might snow. During their journey, Noelle alights upon a little tree, ‘a branch beside the path‘. Noelle wonders at all the windows with trees in them, each one different, each one beautiful’.
Rather like The Christmas Eve Tree Benji Davies’ huge landscape picture book is a celebration of hope, winter and love. We love the journey of The Snowflake, as she passes the ‘glowing’ evening windows and delights. What will she do when she comes across flotilla of dancing snowflakes? Might she join up with them? How does realising their individuality make her feel? Then again, we sense Noelle’s anticipation of Christmas. Her branch holds such promise. How will she decorate it? Where might she display it?
Yet again, Benji Davies explores the theme of grandchild and grandparent relationship as in his acclaimed Grandma Bird. We feel the tenderness and security between Noelle and Pappi.
Bookwagon recommends The Snowflake as a perfect gift of the season, but also a picture book to share, keep and treasure.


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