The Snowman and the Robin


There’s an air of nostalgia in Michael Foreman’s The Snowman and the Robin that makes this Bookwagon reader think of The Happy Prince. Certainly we’re reminded of the late Raymond Briggs classic ‘Snowman’. In fact, this outstanding picture book is dedicated to that esteemed writer and illustrator.

However, this picture book is also unique, a generous visit to the great city of London.

Although Snowman doesn’t understand why the bird might welcome his return, he’s encouraged to join Robin upon an exploration of the city. He slides one foot forward after the other to discover huge buildings, giant arches, bright lights and then the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree. It’s the evening, snow falls and passersby are so snuggled up that the Snowman is not noticed as he and the Robin make their discoveries. However what might happen as light begins to glow with the morning sun?

Michael Foreman is a sublime storyteller and his pictures seem effortless, through their effortlessness belies his painstaking care and wonder.

Bookwagon is exultant in the joy elicited from The Snowman and the Robin. This is a glorious picture book, one to share, love, keep and gift. We recommend The Snowman and the Robin to all readers.

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The Snowman and the Robin

A Timeless Tale

Written and illustrated by Michael Foreman


The snowman’s frozen to the spot upon which he has been made, ‘dressed in an old hat and stripy scarf‘. As evening falls, ‘the lights of the city- beyond the trees‘ twinkle, and seem to call. Then again, it seems this snowman’s welcomed by a bird perched upon the park’s statute. What’s more, the bird urges the snowman’s feet forward, to ‘slide one- forward, then the other‘ so that The Snowman and the Robin might explore the city of London together.
Might there be ‘great moments and golden statues- a great arch‘ and ‘colourful lights and- huge buildings‘? Then again, could it make the snowman’s heart fill that he weeps as they stand before The Christmas Pine?
Bookwagon‘s heart is full. Not only is this beautiful picture book dedicated to the late Raymond Briggs, creator of the Yuletide classic, but then the narrative and pictures are breathtaking. Anew, we’re reminded of the meaning of this time of year, of the wonder of this beautiful city and then the magic of friendship too. Bookwagon urges readers to pick up Michael Foreman’s outstanding picture book. This is one to share, love and treasure. The Snowman and the Robin is a most wonderful picture book.


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