The Space Train


Jakob is overjoyed to discover an ‘abandoned rocket’ in Hangar 19. HIs joy is unbounded to realise that this is ‘The Space Train‘ which once used to connect ‘two thousand, seven hundred and forty-seven‘ space stations across the universe. Jakob imagines meeting a  dinkybop, a star whale and ‘other boys and girls just like‘ him once the Space Train is ready to launch. He and Granny, Derek the robot chicken and Toolbot spend ‘all week, riveting, welding, and fixing’. Will the train launch first time? Could connecting with others across the universe be a possibility for Jakob? Can ‘The Space Train’ travel ‘faster than the fastest spaceship’ all over again?

‘The Space Train’ is a unique piece, with such empathetic messages of friendship and effort and at its core. Its boldly coloured pictures, positive language and amusing characters are delightful. I love the additional touches of Jakob’s log and such captivating settings as an observation deck. Bookwagon is proud to recommend ‘The Space Train’ to ourintergalactic young readers.

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The Space Train

Maudie Powell- Tuck and Karl James Mountford

(Little Tiger)

‘The Space Train’ is the ‘mysterious thing’ that Jakob has found in Hangar 19. It’s an ‘enormous, abandoned, rocket!’ Derek, Jakob’s robot chicken, is unimpressed, although Granny jigs on the spot at the sight. This is ‘The Space Train‘ that once ‘criss-crossed the universe on tracks of stardust, visiting station after station-‘. Granny describes how the train was the fastest of the fastest. Furthermore ‘star explorers, comet chasers and time travellers, artists and scientists‘ rode this inspiring rocket. Can Granny, Jakob, Derek and a reluctant ToolBot use the train plans to restore this wonder to its former glory? It will take imagination, determination and energy! What happens if it doesn’t fire immediately?
 Last Stop on the Reindeer Express was the most recent wonderful collaboration between Maudie Powell- Tuck and Karl James Mountford. Like that picture book, ‘The Space Train’ is rich in imagination, colour and possibilities. It has the central aim of respectful communication and friendship at its heart. What a wonderful picture book to introduce to Bookwagon readers!


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