The Spectacular City


The Spectacular City‘ is Mouse and Bear’s destination. Mouse wants to leave the dark woods and experience bright lights, shine and sparkle. Loyal Bear agrees.

‘Can I help you?’ offers Cat. Mouse, alone, is invited to the Glitz, a glittering restaurant atop a skyscraper. Bear reminds Mouse that ‘I’ve got you and you’ve got me‘ as in The Marvellous Moon Map. What will Mouse discover? Will the pair experience the twinkling lights?

Teresa Heapy’s story is enveloping and enquiring. Mouse’s curiosity and sense of wonder are endearing, while we feel encouraged by Bear’s kindness and friendship. David Litchfield’s pictures are dazzling, light littered, wide-eyed and expansive.

This is a beautiful title. I was pleased to welcome ‘The Marvellous Moon Map’ aboard the wagon and am delighted to welcome its sequel.    .


The Spectacular City

Teresa Heapy, illustrated by David Litchfield


The Spectacular City’ offers the sparkle and shine of the bright lights. Mouse is keen to leave the dark woods  and experience the ‘spectacular city’. Cat invites Mouse to the ‘brightest, shiniest place’ of all…


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