The Star in the Forest


Maisie is impatient to begin adventures at her grandparents’ house, while Pip is delighted by the starry sky’s possibilities. When the sisters see a flash through the night sky, they determine to investigate. What could it be?

‘The Star in the Forest‘ is the story of Maisie and Pip’s dusk hunt for the fallen object. Pip wonders if it’s an alien, a spaceship, or the ‘shiniest space jewel.’ As they journey to where they think the blazing object fell, they absorb the forest’s nighttime sounds and shapes. Pip is full of wonder, ‘taking the magic of the forest around them’, while Maisie runs ahead ‘like thunder’.

There are contrasting feelings when the pair alight on the object for which they searched. ‘Wait a minute.’ Pip advises, ‘I think it might be a fallen…’

Helen Kellock has unravelled a beautiful journey of discovery, possibilities and understanding. I love the relationship of the sisters, and their contrasting reactions to their holiday, opportunities and hunt. ‘The Star in the Forest’ is a ‘forever’ book to gift, share, reread and treasure.


The Star in the Forest

Helen Kellock

(Thames & Hudson)– hardback

‘The Star in the Forest’ falls through the skies on the first night that Maisie and Pip stay with their grandparents. While Pip loves watching the stars at night, Maisie dreams of ‘something exciting’. Maybe this could be it? The bright flash alerts Maisie, although Pip is more cautious. Could it be a rocket ship or a creature from outer space? Maisie and Pip are nervous explorers, aware of every sound and shape. However Pip is charged with possibilities, wondering if the light from the sky could be ‘the biggest, shiniest, space jewel’ ever seen!
Helen Kellock employs fast- featured sketched characters within suggestively night lit settings. Therefore, we’re aware of the girls action and excitement and the desert of the eerie dark. There are suggestions of atmospheric adventure such as those in On a Magical Do- Nothing Day.  ‘The Star in the Forest’, like that title, is a ‘forever book’, destined to be kept, read often and treasured.


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