The Star Maker’s Apprentice


The Star Maker’s Apprentice is discouraged from his job despite his ‘dazzling ideas’. Finn’s father tells him that ‘people don’t like things that are different’. What’s more, the tools that Finn’s father uses in his very busy job, are dangerous and sharp.

When Finn peeps into the workshop machinery, he decides to test it out. What’s more, he adds a ‘sack of stardust, -bag of brightness, and a drop of twinkle ink’ to the star mixture. Then again, he adds more from a bag of his collection. Thereafter he scoops it up into stars and pastes them across the sky. Will his father be proud of Finn’s efforts, or….

What if the workshop is continuing to produce with stars that are whirring and fluttering, banging and biffing so that Finn has created an avalanche, a soup road of brilliant stars? Can a wish help?

Not only are we curious about Finn’s efforts, but then we’re entranced by his creations! Thereafter, how might his father react, the people looking into the night sky. What has Finn created?

The Star Maker’s Apprentice is a beautiful book, perfect to curling up with, looking over, sharing and loving. Bookwagon recommends this imaginative, soaring, warming title to our readers.

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The Star Maker’s Apprentice

Sam Hay and Xin Li


Finn’s father’s job making stars is ‘very special’ and very difficult. It seems that stars run the risk of being ‘bumped- biffed- squashed- squished‘. What’s more they get ‘frozen. Or shattered. Or blown away altogether’. Although Finn wants to help his father and share all his ‘dazzling ideas’ that would make the stars look ‘even more special’, his father isn’t ‘so sure’. He believes ‘people don’t like things that are different’. Furthermore, Finn’s father’s ‘tools are too sharp. The sparkle glue is too stick and the star machine doesn’t always do what it’s meant to’.
Yet what if Finn should take a tiny peek, and thereafter decide to add his ‘sack of stardust, -bag of brightness, and a drop of twinkle ink’ to the mixture. Could it be that if he ‘pressed the big red button’ and added his box of ‘buttons and ribbons and streamers and’… that….
Thereafter,what will The Star Maker’s Apprentice create? Will Finn’s father be proud of the special stars that Finn hangs in the sky? Might all the tools and machinery prove workable after all? It seems unlikely that they’d judder and whirr to create a great avalanche, a ‘great, sparkly wave‘ that sweeps across the sky in a wish? Doesn’t it?
The Star Maker’s Apprentice is a perfect bedtime reading choice for snuggling over, exalting in and delighting upon. Sam Hay offers such a beautiful, glowing text that is gloriously imagined by Xin Li. This title reminds us of The Girl Who Stole the Stars and picture books of wonder.



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