The Star- Spun Web


Miss Ackerbee and Miss Whipstead are the only parents Tess has ever known. She was found on the steps of Ackerbee’s Home for Lost and Foundlings as a baby with only a shawl and a strange mechanical device in her possession. When an unknown guardian appears, claiming Tess, everyone smells a rat. Yet Mr Cleat has powers it seems. What does he want with Tess? Why is a copy of ‘The Secret Garden’ so special to him? What is Miss Thistleton’s real intention as Tess’s governess? What is the strange mechanical device, seemingly ‘The Star-Shaped Web’. 

I took ages to read this complex, intelligent, empathetic and thoroughly satisfying book. Its layers and considerations are as complex as Tess’s device. Sinéad O’Hart’s respect for her readers and the story she has nurtured are evident. ‘The Star-Spun Web’ is a magnificent book, a worthy successor to the wonderful The Eye of the North. I am delighted to introduce this title to our Bookwagon readers.

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The Star-Spun Web

Sinéad O’Hart


Tess was found on the steps of Ackerbee’s Home for Lost and Foundlings as a baby. It has been her only home since then. There were no identifying papers with Tess, when Miss Ackerbee discovered her. There was a blanket, and a strange mechanism, ‘The Star-Spun Web’


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