The Starlight Watchmaker


Hugo works at a prestigious academy where wealthy students from across the galaxy come to learn.  He toils in an attic room as a watchmaker. He doesn’t complain about his working conditions because he knows many androids like him are jobless and homeless.

One day Dorian, a duke from a far away galaxy, appears at his door asking Hugo to repair his broken time travel watch.  The watch leads them to discover a sinister scheme – someone is stealing quantum energy, placing the universe at mortal risk.  They must reconcile their differences if they are to find the culprit in time.

This is a wildly imaginative, exciting and very funny sci-fi adventure from Lauren James. The book is produced in dyslexia-friendly format. Bookwagon is delighted to recommended this terrific read.


The Starlight Watchmaker

Lauren James

(Barrington Stoke)

Hugo is the The Starlight Watchmaker who works in a dusty attic in a prestigious academy for rich students. They travel from across the galaxies to learn space craft and time travel.  Hugo is an escaped android drone and at odds with wealthy students.  When Dorian, a duke from a far-off galaxy, asks Hugo to repair his time travel watch, Hugo reluctantly agrees.
Together they discover a dangerous plot to steal powerful quantum energy, putting the academy at mortal risk.  This mismatched pair must work together to discover who is behind the thefts in order to save the galaxy.
This is a wildly imaginative sci-fi adventure, with vivid characters and is both funny and exciting in equal measure.




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