The Starman and Me


The Starman and Me‘ begins when Kofi sights someone small, dark and hidden, with hands and feet and hair, while travelling around his local roundabout. ‘I’s Rorty Thrutch. I’s in need of help’, is the message repeated to Kofi.

Kofi uses his local knowledge, wit and determination to locate Rorty, little realising that discovery will catapult him into realms of unimaginable possibilities. Such possibilities are being contemplated and investigated by his scientist father, but exploited, illegally, elsewhere.

Throughout this inspiring story, Kofi demonstrates strength and loyalty. He stands up to oppressors, trusts his friends and family, and supports those he knows to be in need of his help and ability. We admire his independence and will and urge him forward.

There is little predictable in ‘The Starman and Me’, yet somehow throughout the book, I found every stage credible. From ten metres of aluminium foil, to Kofi’s mother’s healthy meals, from his father’s trust, to the savage despair of Sumo, ‘The Starman and Me’ is convincing and meaningful.

This is Sharon Cohen’s debut novel. It merits a wide readership. The writer will be watched and awaited upon by this indie bookseller. Bookwagon is delighted to have discovered ‘The Starman and Me’ and recommends it highly to all our readers.

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The Starman and Me

Sharon Cohen


The Starman and Me‘ is a gripping story of wonderful possibilities, mind control, civilisation, and a brave boy and his friends who fight for respectful existence. Bookwagon recommends this unique and stirring title, highly.


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