The Station Mouse


Maurice, ‘The Station Mouse‘, abides by the rules. He stays out of sight. He never goes out in daytime. He collects the lost items at the end of the day. However, Maurice’s solitary life gives him time to think and watch. He notices the busy passengers. He wonders why the lost items are never returned. Then, he sees his chance.

Breaking the rules will be dangerous. Can ‘The Station Mouse‘ return a lost item without being seen? It’s a risk, he thinks worth taking!

We love Meg McLaren’s imaginative picture book making skill and style. This is a luscious book that we are proud to share with our readers.


The Station Mouse

Meg McLaren

(Andersen Press)

The Station Mouse’, Maurice is told to ‘stay out of sight’. This the first rule of the station handbook, and Maurice likes following the rules. At the end of the day, sometimes with a little help, Maurice collects items that are lost or left behind. He  is careful to stay unseen. Thereafter, Maurice sleeps late into the day when the station is at its busiest. That’s the best option, for he avoids the station’s most dangerous passenger times when he might be sighted.
Sometimes, Maurice wonders why nobody returns for the items they’ve lost. He is lonely and has time to think. Rule 3 says that Maurice must never ‘approach the passengers’. Therefore, what might happen should Maurice try to reunite a piece of lost property with a commuter? Passengers don’t like mice and it could be very dangerous for Maurice. However, there is a moment when Maurice is compelled to break the rules. Rule 4 is there to protect him when he’s in danger. What happens when this occurs?
We are drawn into the world of ‘The Station Mouse’ so that we appreciate Maurice’s routine, setting and character. Meg McLaren’s  Life is Magic offers similar opportunity to empathise with picture book characters. Bookwagon is proud to recommend this beautiful book.

This title is nominated for the 2020 Bookbug Picture Book prize. 


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