The Steam Whistle Theatre Company


Baby Bubbles, the giant escapologist baby, captivates the audience that throngs to Mrs Moore’s Supper Rooms. Yet the baby is no baby, but a greedy youth, pampered by his untrustworthy mother. Jago, assistant to Mrs Moore, sees an opportunity to escape and make money, in Baby…

Money is on the minds of the Pringle Players, newly rebranded as ‘The Steam Whistle Theatre Company’ after their venture ‘up north’. Will Pa Pringle and Aunt Mags have an opportunity to perform the company’s King Lear? Charlie and Rosie are doing everything they can to find a venue upon which to perform. They’re more aware of costs, and what might appeal to an audience. 

Edie Boiler, the one remaining housemaid at Uncaster Hall, is aware of costs. She’s aware of how the Hall might survive now that Mrs Poskett has been left penniless and without any items of value, after her husband’s death and staff thefts. 

How does this company of swindlers, theatricals, down-on-their-luck and good pennies combine to bring entertainment and news to Uncaster? Read ‘The Steam Whistle Theatre Company’ to find out! You’ll be thoroughly entertained!


The Steam Whistle Theatre Company

Vivian French

(Walker Books)

Pa and Aunt Maggie have determined the Pringle Players must try their theatrical luck outside of London. However, this means a journey on a steam train to Uncaster  as ‘The Steam Whistle Theatre Company’. Furthermore, it means leaving Ma and the little ones at home. What lies ahead Up North? 
Though hopes are high, money is scarce and the reception is hostile. It seems as though there is nowhere to stay, let alone perform!  
‘The Steam Whistle Theatre Company’ is not the only one down on its luck. Mrs Arabella Poskett learns her husband’s death has left her destitute in great Uncaster Hall, with bailiffs at her door. Could her downtrodden, proactive housemaid, Edie Boiler, offer any hope of a future? How might Olio Sleevery jeopardise this future?How is Jago a danger to Edie’s intentions? What else does Jago have up his sleeve? Could it be pickpocketed goods like the overbearing mother of the performing ‘Baby’ Bubbles? 
Vivian French creates an authentic Victorian setting, with drama, laughs and rocketing turns of fortune in ‘The Steam Whistle Theatre Company’.


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