The Stories & Secrets of Colours


Did you know that ‘colour can help with memory and attention‘? Thereafter, that some people have synaesthesia, so they associate words and feelings, for example, with colours? For example, David Hockney sees ‘colour in music‘, while Vincent Van Gogh ‘saw sounds as colours’.

Then again, did you know that pink was associated with boys rather than girls before the Second World War? That the oldest rocks in the world, found in Africa’s Sahara Desert, are pink?

What’s more, did you know that blue was the hardest colour for artists to create? That it was mined lapis lazuli, not only very expensive but difficult to source?

Not only do we learn about individual colours within The Stories & Secrets of Colours, but the history of our understanding and employment of colour too. We see how different colours are viewed in different cultures and societies. Then again, we learn about their role within nature. Further, we see how individual see, appreciate and use colour.

Alongside such thorough, accessible and fascinating research fro Susie Brooks, we’ve a rainbow burst of beautiful pictures from Sirjana Kaur. This means that The Stories & Secrets of Colours is an exceptional book. We recommend this title hugely to schools, especially.

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The Stories & Secrets of Colours

Discover how colours brighten our world

Susie Brooks and Sirjana Kaur

(Pan Macmillan)

Colour is used throughout our lives to express feelings and show meaning. However, within The Stories & Secrets of Colours, we learn the science, history and discovery of this phenomenon. For example, we learn how Isaac Newton established how we detect colour. Thereafter, he claimed the spectrum of seven that we might identify ‘to match the number of notes in a musical scale’.
We work our way through the colour wheel ahead of learning how people and creatures see colour differently. For example, ‘dogs and cattle can’t see red‘. Then again, we explore nature’s palette ahead of being reminded of camouflage, as we’ve explored through Masters of Disguise. What’s more, what about the way colour is seen through different cultures, from symbolism to inclusion on flags? Furthermore what about the history of colour? The way that it might have been included in our lives, as shocking pink, or even what they show us about our environment? Just think about how we look to green, ‘the colour of life’. In fact, we work throughout the spectrum, building our understanding and knowledge.
Alongside really thorough information about each featured colour’s creation and form, we learn how it features within art history and science too. Susie Brooks’  careful research is evident, while Sirjana Kaur’s pictures are stunning. Bookwagon loves and recommends The Stories & Secrets of Colours highly for classroom and library bookshelves, especially.


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