The Storm Whale in Winter


Noi is anxious when his fisherman father has not returned from his final trip of the season. It’s icy and dark. When Noi discovers Dad’s fishing trawler trapped in the ice, he cannot imagine how it might be removed. A nudge and a shadow, and suddenly, there is ‘The Storm Whale in Winter‘.

Noi has dreamed of his marine friend’s return since their first encounter in The Storm Whale . How can ‘The Storm Whale‘ help? Will he need friends? Where is Dad?

With warm, enquiring, tenderly toned pictures, and weighted words, Benji Davies has created a beautiful sequel to Noi’s début. ‘The Storm Whale in Winter‘ is quite a perfect picture book.


The Storm Whale in Winter

Benji Davies

(Simon & Schuster)

On an icy night, Noi is concerned when his fisherman father has not returned from his final trawl of the season. Investigating, he discovers his father’s fishing boat, but where is Dad? How can the fishing boat move from its icy trap? ‘The Storm Whale in Winter’ is the welcome return of Noi and his beloved storm whale friend


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