The Story of Paintings


The Story of Paintings‘ opens with a review of how painting has been regarded through history, and how the subject has evolved. Then it breaks into exploring the development of painting through examining individual works through history. Our first work is from the 13th century, where the artist used his family as models for the holy family. We look at world famous works like ‘The Arnolfini Family’ and ‘The Portrait of Dora Marr’ on our journey through the centuries. However there are many lesser known works from many lesser known painters from a variety of countries. The book contains a huge range of styles and a lot of genuinely interesting information about how painters work.

The Story of Painting‘ is a fascinating book. Art historians, gallery visitors, amateur painters and readers will each draw something from this title. We recommend it highly while thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to consult and compare.

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The Story of Paintings

A history of art for children

Mick Manning & Brita Granstrom

(Watts)- hardback

The dedicated non-fiction duo behind a number of splendid titles has turned its hand to paintings. In this necessary book, they explain the reason for and history of painting. Then, in minute detail, they take some of the world’s most famous paintings to examine and explain them. ‘The Story of Paintings‘ is really interesting and informative.


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