The Story of Space


I’ve taken time and care to find and recommend a book about space that is accurate, informative and readable. ‘The Story of Space’– a first book about our universe’ meets our expectations distinctly. Tight, specific text, double spaced, offers explanations of the solar system, its origins and our planet. Speech bubbled cartoon style child astronauts support the information within matte-papered, clearly captioned, primary coloured illustrations.

I found myself looking back through the book, to compare what I had learned of astronomy at school, what I had taught, and what I knew. It piqued my curiosity, and led me to returning to my ‘Night Sky’ app to star spot on a cold spring morning.

There is so much to enquire about, learn and share. I could imagine a young reader looking through this quality title enquiringly questionning and finding meaningful information about space . It offers a lot, including an opportunity to enquire further and learn more. The authors and illustrator have created a proud picture book that is a useful addition to any young reader’s bookshelf.


The Story of Space

A first book about our universe

Catherine Barr and Steve Williams, illustrated by Amy Husband

(Frances Lincoln) – hardback

‘The Story in Space‘ is a superb first book of information and detail about our planet and the universe. Direct text, anecdotes and clear illustrations entrance and explain.


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