The Story of Tantrum O’Furrily


The Story of Tantrum O’Herlihy‘ is the story of Smallpaw, a kitten who lives a life of luxury. Yet Mrs Worrykin denies her stories and the great outdoors, ‘The stray cats are the story cats’. One night,  Mrs Worrykin forgets to shut the catflap. Smallpaw’s boredom leads her to ‘softly, softly…. walk down the hall, put her nose out of the catflap and into the darkness sniffing, sniffing, sniffing for a story just for her.’ The fox she meets offers a story about a little kitten with ‘fur as soft as butter‘. Is the fox to be trusted?

‘The Story of Tantrum O’Herlihy‘ offers a lilting, lullaby of text, alongside deliciously elongated and wide-eyed images. This is a beautiful ‘forever’ picture book. ‘The Story of Tantrum O’Herlihy’ would make an ideal gift for a very young reader, and a great choice at bedtime.


The Story of Tantrum O’Furrily

Cressida Cowell and Mark Nicholas

(Hodder Children’s Books)

Once upon a time there was a kitten called Smallpaw who was extremely lucky…’ Thus begins ‘The Story of Tantrum O’Furrily‘ purred one night to her three kittens. What became of Smallpaw? This lush, warm bedtime story, includes illustrations by Carmelite Picture Book Prize Winner, Mark Nicholas.


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