The Story Shop: Blast Off!


It seems that Fred’s drawn into an adventure that knows no boundaries! When Mouse enters The Story Shop, this story making assistant thinks this customer might choose a story that is a little less daring. However, Mouse is determined to prove his bravery. Thereafter, he and Fred Blast Off! into space. However, that’s not all, for at every point, Mouse challenges his surroundings.

Fancy challenging the aliens they meet! After all, it’s not polite to munch upon anyone’s homes and then call them ninnies when they object! Then to ride a deserted fun fair? Wouldn’t you sense a trap? Mouse is a daredevil, but he’s also reckless. How can Fred help save the story?

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Blast Off! the first story in The Story Shop series aboard. This book is ideal for readers building chapter book reading stamina, interest and confidence.

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The Story Shop: Blast Off!

Tracey Corderoy and Tony Neal

(Little Tiger Press)

Wilbur and his assistant, Fred Ferret, are prepared for any adventure requested in The Story Shop. In fact, they’re delighted when they’ve customers preparing to Blast Off! 
However, Mouse senses a little disappointment initially, when he calls in. He’s quick to disarm Fred and Wilbur to explain that he’s in search for the biggest, most daring adventure they can possibly create. Thereafter, it seems that Mouse is preparing to step aboard as Space Mouse! Every story needs words, so Wilbur adds letters to the Story Pot, offers a backpack, and the story begins! Yet where will Mouse and Fred arrive? Then again, how far is this Mouse prepared to stretch his adventure to prove his courage? Could it put him, and Fred, into dangerous situations? After all, it seems as though this Mouse is determined to upset everyone he meets, including aliens!
Tracey Corderoy is a story writing phenomenon who’s delighted us with works including the Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam series. The Story Shop series is exciting and intriguing, with Blast Off! the keen introduction. Bookwagon welcomes this title aboard. Furthermore, we recommend The Story Shop: Blast Off!, and others in the series, to all readers gaining confidence in chapter book reading.


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