The Story Shop: Dino Danger!


Can Bear outwit three crafty triceratops? When he first steps into Wilbur and Fred’s Story Shop, it’s to build his courage and prove his bravery. It’s why a spin amongst dinosaurs is suggested. However, it’s a tough call! These are ‘run-for-your-life quests!

After all, imagine facing off against Big T in a game of crazy golf? Then what about those triceratops? Finally, the third adventure calls for Bear to face up to those triceratops! Is our central character up to these challenges?

Bookwagon loves The Story Shop series. Although Dino Danger! is a third outing, every book stands alone. What’s more, each includes three chapter stories. This makes the whole enterprise ideal for readers building their confidence, stamina and reading joy. Bookwagon recommends The Story Shop: Dino Danger! 

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The Story Shop: Dino Danger!

Tracey Corderoy & Tony Neal

(Little Tiger Press)

Fred showed his disappointment to Mouse, when he walked into The Story Shop in our first outing, Blast Off! After all, Mouse seemed unlikely to seek out a dramatic adventure. How wrong was Fred? Therefore what does Fred consider Bear will lead them into? Could it be that Bear’s keen to build his courage? In fact, might he not be as brave as he thinks he should be? Thereafter, could this outing be The Story Shop: Dino Danger!
Wilbur mixes all the  necessary ingredients into the pot. It means that Bear, with shop assistant Fred’s support, might enter a ‘run-for-your- life dinosaur adventure’. 
Tracey Corderoy invites readers to be part of Bear’s adventure through three chapter book stories. Not only does he have to play against Big T in a game of crazy golf,  but then he must outwit some crafty Triceratops. Then again, it’s up to Bear to discover who’s been stealing all the vegetables from the dinosaur allotment. Is this nervous hero up to this adventure?
Bookwagon loves this series, and welcomes The Story Shop: Dino Danger! aboard. This title, and others in the series, are highly recommended to readers gaining stamina and confidence in their chapter book reading experience. What a lot of fun!


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