The Strangeworlds Travel Agency


Flick is not looking forward to settling into Little Wyverns, a town so unlike her former home. When she sets out on her first exploration, it appears as underwhelming as expected. However, something draws her toward a faded shopfront for The Strangeworlds Travel Agency. Inside, she picks up a fragmented piece of a lens, through which she looks and sees….

It seems like Flick is invited to travel to multiverses beyond anything or anywhere that she might imagine. Yet the whole experience is so peculiar! Suitcases? Other realms beyond our planet and understanding? Head Custodian Jonathan Mercator, offers Flick information and rules. Before long, she experiences the magic, and joins him as they seek to maintain and update the Strangeways’ guidebooks.

Yet there’s something more, for Jonathan’s father has not returned from an expedition. Furthermore, there seems to be a dead greyness to the vista of some lands. What is happening? Flick understands that the schisms exist through a steady supply of magic, yet something seems to be tearing at this truth? What does this mean for Flick, or Jonathan?

The Strangeways Travel Agency is an other worldly, kaleidoscopically magical reading experience. The writer leads us from Flick’s first realistic footsteps in a new town,  to making a broad leap into something quite fantastic and fragmented. Do you dare dive into a wonderful reading experience?

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The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

L.D. Lapinski


Initially, Flick is fairly unimpressed with Little Wyverns, her new home town. However, on her first viewing, she alights upon The Strangeworlds Travel Agency. Although the shopfront is rather unprepossessing, something urges her to enter. While there seems to be nothing within the shop, Flick sees and feels something different. It seems that Flick has been led to a place that might allow her to become a Strangeworlds’ society member, guidebook and suitcases at the ready. Thereafter, she is a guardian, able to enter and travel into unexplored and unknown multiverses.
However, Flick’s delight is tempered by early experiences that feel slightly flat, grey and empty. What is going on? Thereafter, Strangeworlds’ Head Custodian, Jonathan Mercator, is preoccupied. His father has been missing after one of his travels for some time. What is going on? Could there be something ill at work in the magic of the multiverses? How might Flick connect to these tears and rifts?
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency transports us and Flick from an existence that might seem overbearing at times, into something bubble- cycling, high-flying, glowing and ribbon-like, yet seemingly endangered. Rather like Pages & Co Tilly and the Book Wanderers this is other-worldly, suspicious and remarkable. Like that title, The Strangeworlds Travel Agency is a really satisfying, thrilling, complex story, recommended highly by Bookwagon. 


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