The Street Beneath My Feet


The Street Beneath My Feet‘ takes the reader beneath the pavement to explore the systems that keep us functioning. What will we find? Where does it all come from? Then again, what is below this and further, too?

It seems that we travel from water pipes to travel networks, artefacts to soil types. Altogether we witness and realise the wonder of The Street Beneath My Feet.

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The Street Beneath My Feet

Charlotte Guillain and Yuval Zommer

(Words & Pictures)

Water and waste pipes, electricity cables and rail networks- there’s a whole world that enables our daily functioning. What’s more it’s here for us to explore through The Street Beneath My Feet. Then again, what of its construction and history?After all there is so much to be revealed, from fossils and skeletons, to remnants and artefacts. Then again, there is so much to learn about, understand, contemplate and connect.  It seems that hidden life is revealed too, rather as in Fossils From Lost Worlds. Then again, we’ve the environmental and physical geography to realise.
Charlotte Guillain and Yuval Zommer captained us through The Skies Above My Eyes. It seems that with this magnificent book, they’ve created a fascinatingly intricate, layered series of information. Furthermore, this is within a cascading picture book framework. It’s as though readers as having layer after layer of a big reveal presented to them! Then again, there’s a compulsion to return, to retract and learn more. Bookwagon can only begin to guess at the amount of research and preparation that was demanded in making this wonderful book! The Street Beneath My Feet draws in a reader and holds the interest, because each fact offers greater enquiry and discovery. This is a magnificent book.


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