The Suitcase


A stranger carries ‘The Suitcase’ into town. He is bedraggled, weary and different. He tells the assembled townspeople that his suitcase carries a teacup, a table and chairs and a kitchen. The stranger is so tired that he rests. What should the animals do? Can they trust the stranger? Shouldn’t they check out the veracity of his story while he’s asleep? After all, he’s carrying a small suitcase…. it can’t REALLY carry all that he says it does, can it?

The broad landscapes, white framing, shrewd eyes and careful use of symbolic colouring increase the story’s impact and empathy. The text is imploring, curious and loaded:- ‘When he finally woke up, he couldn’t believe what the other animals had done…’

‘The Suitcase’ is a stunning picture book, simple, meaningful and heart-wrenching. There is such beauty in this storytelling. This outstanding picture book should be shared, read and known. Bookwagon is proud to recommend ‘The Suitcase‘ to its readers.


The Suitcase

Chris Naylor- Ballesteros

(Nosy Crow)

The stranger arrives in town with ‘The Suitcase’. His claims of tea, a table and chairs cannot be true, can they? How can anyone carry all of that within ‘The Suitcase’? He doesn’t look right. He looks shambolic and different. Can he be trusted? Surely the other creatures should be wary? Maybe check out his story? Maybe they should open ‘The Suitcase’ to check for truths?
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