The Swifts


The Reunion, with an advance of cousins led by the despicable Inheritance, takes Shenanigan by surprise. However, she has been mapping the house, tackling every possible nook, cranny, crease and furrow for hidden passages and hollows, preparing for this time, the time when the search for the Treasure is taken up anew.

However, this hunt is deadly from the outset, when there’s an attempt upon the life of Shenanigan’s Great-Aunt Schadenfreude. Who could be so determined to find Vile’s Hoard that they’d murder? Then again, will they try again? Who is the traitor within this congregation of The Swifts?

In fact, this Reunion becomes a hunt to the death with Shenanigan, her sister, Phenomena and cousins Erf, Flora and Fauna, determined to identify the criminal. However, how far will they go? Could they be targeted, themselves? What truths do their dictionary- determined names have in their approach and bearing? Then again, could Shenanigan’s map hold the key?

Bookwagon is gobsmacked, discombobulated and banjaxed by The Swifts. We cannot recommend it highly enough to our readers.

Nero Book Awards’ Winner; New York Times Book Starred Review; Kirkus Starred Review

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The Swifts

Mystery. Mischief. Murder.

Beth Lincoln, illustrated by Claire Powell

(Penguin Random House)

The Reunion has been held by The Swifts every ten years ago, as decreed by family lore. It’s a time when the search for the Treasure, Vile’s Hoard, begins again. Then again, this family runs by its rules and strange history, from the appointment of the Matriarch to oversee it to the organisation of its library books. What’s more, there’s the house, which offers endless surprises and opportunities. However, little does Shenanigan realise how important her intricately plotted map will be to this year’s Reunion.
When there’s foul play and the Matriarch is felled, Shenanigan is on the case. Like every other member of her family, she’s been named by dictionary, appointed a name that determines her character. However, how true is this? Shenanigan’s sisters, Felicity and Phenomena? Then again, Erf? There are more in the house upon this occasion, each with a determination and someone, it seems, with the drive to do anything to find the Treasure, including… murder.
Beth Lincoln offers a breath taking, riotous and hugely original novel in The Swifts. Her love of and skills in etymology and deduction are highly polished and breathtaking. In fact we are left agog at her wit and skilful plotting. It feels as though we’re stuffed within Shenanigan’s pocket, soaring and squeezing through nooks and crannies, eavesdropping and plotting, eager to find Treasure…. and a crazy criminal family member! Bookwagon loves The Swifts and recommends it highly to all readers.


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