The Tale of the Tiny Man


It seems that the tiny man annoys everyone he meets. From the top of his hat, to the way he greets people causes ridicule. What’s more, he’s even tripped up! It leaves the tiny man crying with loneliness at night in his bed.

Might a notice, asking for a friend, make a difference? Maybe if the little man sits outside his house on his step? Yet what if a big dog appears, one that knocks him over with energy, that looks at him ‘kindly and ‘lays ‘its heavy head on his shoulder’? Might this be the friend the tiny man seeks?

Thereafter, might a friendship of walks and treats, and breakfast and even sleeping in ‘the tiny man’s bed’ form? Could this be everything for which the tiny man hoped? However, what if another friend might appear? Does the tiny man have room for another, or could his fear of sharing and abandonment cause him to run away?

Bookwagon loves this tender fable from Sweden. What’s more, we recommend The Tale of the Tiny Man as a book to be shared at bedtime, in classrooms and assemblies. Its seemingly simple story of loneliness, hope, friendship and unconditional love is a story fit for all readers.

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The Tale of the Tiny Man

Barbro Lindgren and Eva Eriksson, translated by Julia Marshall

(Gecko Press)– hardback

The Tale of the Tiny Man is of a search for and confirmation of friendship. It seems there is nobody willing to behave in a friendly manner toward this little fellow. It seems that from his hat, to his greeting, to his size he is sneered at, tripped and ignored. Therefore, what should he do? Might it be that by putting out a sign for a friend, somebody will apply?
However, what if there is an unexpected answer? Maybe a ‘big dog‘ that makes the little gentleman feel ‘so happy he [is] fit to burst’? Thereafter, might the pair share treats and bones and sticks, a bed and walks in the sun?
It seems that the little gent’s wishes have come true! However, what if there is another, an interloper, somebody for whom the dog shows friendship? Might it be that the man’s confidence is crushed so that he hides away? Is it possible that he must learn that friendship is an ever growing force, as in I’m Sticking With You Too.
Bookwagon adores the books selected and published by Gecko Press. Therefore, we are proud to recommend and sell The Tale of the Tiny Man .


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