The Tale of Truthwater Lake


Polly doesn’t know what to make of the strange door handle she discovers that somehow connects her with events in Syndercombe some eighty years earlier. The town was lost to a water company’s plan to build a reservoir. It meant that Nell’s mother’s grave amongst others, was lost when the town was flooded. Then again, Polly reconnects with it, learning about Nell’s home with the Blackwells, her memories of her mother and her friendship with Lena, recovering from tuberculosis.

Furthermore, she learns about Nell’s desperation to be the swimmer chosen by the town to swim the channel. Surely it would be her place if it wasn’t for the arrival of Nate Clatworthy? Then again, what are Nate’s secrets, and how can he find his feet despite his father’s ambitions?

As Polly is drawn into this nighttime world, discovered in the struggling waters of Truthwater Lake, so her outside world sizzles in the summer heat. It’s 2032, there are government warnings about the temperature, and she and her brother Joel are staying with their aunt, away from the city bustle. Then again, it seems Joel has secrets, while Polly’s trying to work out what’s happened to her friendship with Sasha.

Bookwagon loves the beautifully crafted connections, considerations and realities built into Emma Carroll’s latest wonderful novel. The Tale of Truthwater Lake is a rich, warm, empathetic novel of friendship, family, home and our environment.


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The Tale of Truthwater Lake

Emma Carroll

(Faber & Faber)

After an incident during late night swimming, Polly and Joel are sent to spend time out of the city heat, with their aunt Jessie. Polly’s not a confident swimmer. However, the stifling summer heat of 2032, draws her to the water over the village of Syndercombe, flooded in 1952. Somehow. magically, she’s taken back to that time, to Nell and the arrival of Nate Clatworthy. It seems this incomer will be the town’s representative to swim the Channel. However, Nell had dreams of such an achievement. Then again, Nate’s father is from the water company that seeks to erase Syndercombe and its history… and the graveyard where Nell’s mother lies. Is there something that can be done if Nell and her friend Lena intercept the details required by the Channel Swimming Association?
Emma Carroll takes us forward to a time where climate change is a reality through floods, heatwaves, and government warnings. Then again, we consider the societal changes in gender expectation, as expected in Nell’s and Nate’s time. Like Frost Hollow Hall, we play with time and comparisons. Then again, like that story, and every one of Emma Carroll’s wonderful books, this is a truly engrossing reading experience. Bookwagon recommends The Tale of Truthwater Lake to our readers.


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