The Taming of the Cat


Will Brie’s storytelling, inspired by the cheese labels he collects in the cheese shop, help him out of a tight spot? Although the other mice reject his stories, the birds love them. However swallows migrate, and Brie is left rejected and cold when winter comes. He must find a warmer place. However he runs the risk of being caught by the arch hunter, Gorgonzola.

It seems Brie’s only way of escaping Gorgonzola’s claws, and later, the rejection of his mice nest, is to weave the most magical story he could ever imagine. Might it be the story of Mimolette, who escapes Camembert Castle each night upon the back of Silk, a magical cat? It seems that Silk grows to the size of a tree. What’s more, it’s Silk who helps Mimolette discover the truth about the disappearance of her brothers and mother, Queen Kashta. Then again, it’s Silk who Mimolette rides to danger to obtain Zdenka, the rare herb that has the power to rescue all enchanted by the evil spells of King Scamorza.

Could Brie’s stories bewitch Gorgonzola, prove a distraction for the other mice and thereafter grant Brie a reprieve, or even more?

Bookwagon delights in the wondrous weaving of a truly magical tale in The Taming of the Cat. We recommend this wonderful book for reading aloud, reading often and then for gifting, too.

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The Taming of the Cat

Helen Cooper

(Faber & Faber)

Brie, a cheese shop mouse, is out of step with his kind. Not only does he prefer to eat ‘grain and breadcrumbs‘ but imagines stories from his collection of cheese labels. However the other mice are ‘too busy to listen to his stories‘. Instead they like jokes and games. In fact, things become so difficult that Brie tells stories to the birds. However, birds are migratory, and winter is cold. Would the other mice shun him from their huddle? Might it make Brie desperate to find somewhere warm, maybe somewhere within the path of Gorgonzola, the cheese shop’s cat? Then again, might this lead to The Taming of the Cat?
What if, in order to escape from Gorgonzola’s clutches, Brie creates a story unlike any other? It might include a brave princess, an evil king and a bewitched family. Then again, what about a rare herb only to be found alongside the dragon’s lair at the top of a mountain? What would the brave princess do to obtain this herb? Then again, could a cat that grows to ‘the size of a tree‘ open the world to Mimolette, the brave princess? Help her find a way to rescue the family from the evil king? Then again, what if Gorgonzola comes to depend on the storytelling?
Helen Cooper enchanted us with the tenderness evident in Saving the Butterfly. Bookwagon is spellbound through The Taming of the Cat, rather like Gorgonzola. However, this reader prefers cheese to crumbs, any day!


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