The Thing About Jellyfish


The Thing About Jellyfish‘ is that they need to be investigated. Suzy researches them relentlessly. She creates a running mental communication with the leading jellyfish expert in the world, based in Australia. Suzy cannot talk to him, because she stopped talking some time after she learned Franny had died. Franny drowned. Suzy can’t understand why or how, because Franny was a brilliant swimmer.

‘The Thing About Jellyfish‘ is that Suzy thinks they are responsible for Franny’s unexplained death. Jellyfish will be the topic of her school oral science report. She will have to speak. Suzy’s worried, not only because she’s no longer speaking, but because school is a hostile enigma.

‘The Thing About Jellyfish‘ is a magnificent début novel for upper Junior/ older readers. It is a tough read. We recognise our own doubts and fears in Suzy’s feelings, though not the same reactions. There are moments that are cringe-worthy, fearsome and difficult. We ache for Suzy. Bookwagon urges our readers to discover, ‘The Thing About Jellyfish’. 



The Thing About Jellyfish

Ali Benjamin

(Pan Macmillan)

Through grief, humiliation, confusion and a burning need to investigate, Suzy has become silent. There’s ‘The Thing About Jellyfish’ which Suzy believes is responsible for her friend’s mysterious drowning. There’s so much to work out about life, friends, and the universe and your place on it.

National Book Award nominee

Good Reads’ Middle Grade Choice Award


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