The Thing at Black Hole Lake


Milo Fisher has avoided Lucy Sladan since he learned she was lying to him- The Big Woof Conspiracy. Lucy is aware that she’s upset Milo, but what is she to do when his father is the target of her investigation?  Ever since her earlier snooping revealed what lay at the heart of Sticky Pines and NuCo, Lucy has been determined to discover more. However, she is not alone.

When Milo’s father’s new Maserati appears to hit a deer on its test drive, Milo is appalled. Yet, something miraculous and peculiar happens to the animal. Thereafter, Milo seeks to find out what is at the heart of Black Hole Lake. While it may take a trail or two of Mandy’s Candies and dodging strange drones, Milo is certain there are strange goings on.

Will Lucy and Milo’s investigations bring them together? Can Milo forgive Lucy and Lucy avoid detection by Mr Fisher and the school papers editorial team? Furthermore, what is Mr Fisher seeking really? It can’t be the sweet, sticky sap of the pines, yet he’s on a mission to bulldoze all of Sticky Pines’ woodlands! There’s something strange, sticky, slimy and eerie at the heart of all of this. What will Milo and Lucy reveal?

The Thing at Black Hole Lake is a welcome return to Sticky Pines. It is as close to Twin Peaks as I’ve encountered, yet with such tongue- in-cheek/ Stranger Things’ humour and sensibilities. Bookwagon is overjoyed to bring this second title in a superb series to our readers.

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The Thing at Black Hole Lake

Sticky Pines: Where Things Get Weird

Dashe Roberts

(Nosy Crow)

Milo Fisher is curious about The Thing at Black Hole Lake. He first encounters it when his father’s Maserati appears to hit a deer during a boastful first run of the vehicle. What slinks away is not the wounded animal that Milo thinks they’ve hit. Thereafter, he’s keen to investigate.
Meanwhile his friend, whom he’s now avoiding, is furthering her own investigations. Lucy Sladan unearthed some strange goings on in Sticky Pines in The Bigwoof Conspiracy. What’s more she’s aware that there is a lot more beneath the surface of Mr Fisher’s Nu Co factory enterprise. Just what is Mr Fisher up to? Lucy’s established that it’s not the sticky pine sweetening residue. Can Lucy make good use of the school’s paper to pose as an investigating journalist and dig deeper? Thereafter, how does she get back into Milo’s good books after she lied to him about what she knows? It’s tough when so much of what she’s uncovered points to Milo’s father’s dodgy dealings!
The Thing at Black Hole Lake is creepy, weird, hilarious and totally innovative. This reader was by turns terrified, mesmerised and clutching her sides with laughter. However throughout reading this book, I was as captivated as Thingus is by Mandy’s Candies (though I’d pass on the black liquorice too…)


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