The Time of Green Magic


Abi is reluctant to share her father, Theo, with Polly and her sons Max and Theo. They interfere with the life she has shaped for herself with Granny Grace and books. Yet Polly and the boys are an inevitability, and Granny Grace has held off from a return to Jamaica for too long. Soon the newly formed family are being lured into a magical ivy clad home of their own, toward ‘The Time of Green Magic’.

Abi consoles herself through her books. There are deep oceans of wonder to explore in the titles she discovers in her new home. Yet somehow these ‘deep oceans’ stretch beyond her imagining into something real… Could it be?

Meanwhile, Louis, unsettled by his mother’s absence, and the presence of Mrs Puddock, takes refuge in the appearance of a large cat. He names her Iffen. He keeps her secret nighttime appearances through his open bedroom window secret, until Abi discovers. Who or what is Iffen? Suddenly, Abi is engaged by her stepbrother, and aware that she needs his older brother’s help with Iffen.

Hilary McKay is a magical writer. She convinces readers they are within her settings. We feel Iffen’s big paws, hear his breathing, feel Abi’s anxiety and Max’s friendship concerns. Unfamiliarity, displacement, wonder and possibilities are offered in ‘The Time of Green Magic’. We are delighted to welcome this ultimately satisfying title aboard!



The Time of Green Magic

Hilary McKay

(Pan Macmillan)- hardback

With Granny Grace’s return to Jamaica, Abi is left to fend for herself when her father attaches both of them to Polly, Max and Louis. Suddenly Abi is forced to share her thoughts, words and belongings, including Rocky. Only books offer her any peace from her new stepbrothers. 
Max spends as much time as he can with his friend Danny, while Louis catapults about the new arrangement. However the three children agree only Ivy cottage will do they discover when the new family hunt desperately for a home in which they might all live together. Granny Grace suggests to Abi that the house sounds as though it offers ‘The Time of Green Magic.’ Certainly, each of the children find something eerie, mystical and impossible about their new home. 
It’s Louis who makes the most magical discovery. He’s determined Iffen should remain private, just for him. He knows that he must welcome Iffen and make him comfortable in just the ‘right’ way. Meanwhile Abi’s reading is taking her into ever more absorbing places; it’s like she can experience them. It’s something about their ivy coloured house, where it seems ‘like nothing could be impossible’. 
What happens when the magic becomes bigger than the three children? When visitors outgrow their home and when younger brothers need the help of their older siblings? It’s ‘The Time of Green Magic’. Bookwagon welcomes this heartwarming, magical title from the Costa winning writer of The Skylarks’ War


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