The Tiny Woman’s Coat


How will The Tiny Woman’s Coat be made? Could she find cloth from the leaves- ‘rustle, rustle, rustle‘? Yet what of scissors? Then again, what of thread? Could the ‘friendly horse‘ help? Then again, won’t the coat need buttons? From where will they come?

We read along, recite and remember, with the ‘snip, snip, snip’ and ‘stitch, stitch, stitch’ through the natural rhyme of the story.

Thereafter, what has the tiny woman created? For what does she need a coat?

The Tiny Woman’s Coat is a New Zealand classic story by one of that country’s most beloved and acclaimed storytellers, Joy Cowley. Gecko Press has recreated her story with autumnal toned pictures, set deep within the natural world, from Giselle Clarkson. What’s more, the square shape and tantalising pages, are delightful. Altogether, The Tiny Woman’s Coat inspires us to read along, make the sounds and movements, recite and treasure a delightful story for younger years.

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The Tiny Woman’s Coat

Joy Cowley & Giselle Clarkson

(Gecko Press)- hardback

Where will the cloth come from? Thereafter, ‘rustle, rustle, rustle’, from where might our little seamstress ‘get some scissors’? Might it be that the ‘grey goose’ could ‘snip, snip, snip’ before ‘the porcupine‘ offers one of its needles to sew?
Piece by piece, page by page, we watch as creatures and nature contribute toward The Tiny Woman’s Coat. Therefore, the thread is donated by the ‘friendly horse‘ yet what of buttons? Might there be something floating overhead that could be employed? Furthermore, is it possible that this garment might be ready before the storm? We watch the movement of the grasses overhead, see the creatures stir and wonder at what is happening in the natural world. What’s more, we realise the rush to complete this garment. Is it possible that there might food to be gathered, or shelter to be sought? At this point, might it be we discover the coat’s purpose?
This classic story is from by Joy Cowley, one of New Zealand’s best known and most acclaimed children’s writers. Giselle Clarkson offers autumnal toned pictures that suggest the miniaturised setting, the season and the wilderness. Meanwhile, as ever with the publisher Gecko Press, we’ve the gift of a quality production in this edition. Like another New Zealand classic, Seagull Seagull, The Tiny Woman’s Coat is a picture book to read, share, know, quote from, gift and treasure. Altogether, Bookwagon is proud to introduce and recommend this beautiful picture book to our readers.


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