The Train of Dark Wonders


What will Bess’s journey aboard The Train of Dark Wonders reveal? Pops’ notes to Bess encourage her to find Professor Ash, who’ll have the answers she needs. Taking on Pops’ Odditorium comes with problems and deadlines, well beyond Uncle Norman’s threats.

For starters, there’s a lack of visitors which mean a shortage of funds but then there’s the whispering flowers. They’re an urgent problem, for their hunger is turning them into something vampiric seemingly consuming the museum itself! Can Professor Ash lead her to the magic beans they need? Then again what does Bess have that might be of purpose to this journey? It seems the adventure ahead will be the stuff of dreams and revelation!

What is the Land of Halloween Sweets to which the train is headed? Can Bess, Louis, Beau and Maria possibly negotiate a safe course to the evil Candyman? It seems the quartet are destined to seek him out to withdraw the ghostly gobstopper, a sweet with mysterious powers. What’s more, this journey has the potential to find magic beans…. However, along the way it seems that Bess will learn so much more, alongside forming friendships for which she has longed.

Bookwagon loves this dystopian, imaginative, rich adventure novel that travels into wonderful and weird places. Beatriz Castro’s illustrations electrify the story with drama and wonder. We are delighted to welcome the first of a new Alex Bell series . It’s all aboard to The Train of Dark Wonders! 

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The Train of Dark Wonders

Alex Bell, with illustrations from Beatriz Castro

(Rock the Boat)

Bess Harper’s grandfather nurtured the Odditorium so that this museum of strange and peculiar became something quite wonderful. However, with this death, it seems the museum is under threat. Not only is Blizzard, the albino crocodile likely to be shipped out, but the whispering flowers are bereft of their magical bean food. It seems the survival of the Odditorium is down to Bess.
Then again, Bess’s wonderful Pops was a person of secrets and clues. Therefore, when she discovers a ticket to The Train of Dark Wonders, she is uncertain of its form or contents. Could this be the opportunity for friendship? Then again, food for her museum flowers so ravenous that they threaten the Odditorium itself? Furthermore, is it possible that Bess could be part of an expedition to discover the ghostly gobstopper, a special sweet that will make all the difference to the life of one passenger?
Bookwagon loves Alex Bell‘s The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club and is delighted to welcome a new title from this author. It seems that the tasty twists and turns, from gummy bears to chocolate eyeballs, are full of more than sweets. In fact, as Bess discovers, the Land of Halloween Sweets, to which this train is headed, offers many revelations! It seems that Bess has a wickedly wonderful family history!
Bookwagon recommends The Train of Dark Wonders and welcomes it aboard!


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