The Trapdoor Mysteries Thief in the Night


Tally and her pet squirrel, Squill, are not convinced by Lady Beatrice’s claims that there’s a ghost in Mollett Manor. They can hear the cries and have sighted the footprints on her bedroom windowsill. Yet the footprints resemble paw prints, and there’s grey fur on the guttering. Something’s up!

‘The Trapdoor Mysteries Thief in the Night’ is an opportunity for us to join Tally as she steals away to the secret library. She makes sure that Mr Bood and Mrs Steed are full of cherry biscuits, first! What will she discover about her mother’s time at Mollett Manor? Where did she go? Could Lord Mollett REALLY be Tally’s father? There is so much to discover!

I’m delighted to welcome ‘The Trapdoor Mysteries‘ series aboard Bookwagon. This is a satisfying mystery, with thrilling incidental facts, charming nature based asides and an empathetic main character.


The Trapdoor Mysteries Thief in the Night

Abie Longstaff, illustrations by James Brown


Who is haunting Lady Beatrice? Could ghosts make paw prints like those Tally discovers on the snowy windowsill? Would ghosts leave patches of grey fur? ‘The Trapdoor Mysteries Thief in the Night‘ is an opportunity for sleuths to join Tally in her ghost hunting. Can they use the clues she offers? To make night goggles? To discover the truth about her missing mother?


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