The Travel Book


I grew up in the days of reference books and encyclopaedia. It fulfilled my need to discover, the same need children have today. So many prefer non-fiction books, whether it be to compare incredible facts through a Guinness Book of World Records, statistics in an annual Wisden Cricketing Almanac, (like my 7-year-old NZ nephew), or consider the wonders within cookery books. There is nothing wrong with this; it is meaningful reading. It is why many, or even most, adults read every day. Publishers have realised the demand and are filling a millennium void with readable, fact- laden, well researched books such as this one, Lonely Planet Kids ‘The Travel Book’ .

Within brightly coloured pages are dazzling illustrations, attractive anecdotal text boxes, maps and statistics, and boldly labelled information. The cast of countries is wide, varied and unpredictable. Even browsing through it, as I write this, I’ve been drawn aside by information thoroughly new to me! This is quality, thoroughly researched and captivating information, that demands the attention of a reader. I would have loved it and suggest you will!


The Travel Book

A journey through every country in the world

(Lonely Planet Kids) – hardback


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