The Trouble with the Two-Headed Hydra


Miss Mary-Kate Martin doesn’t like the thought of her mother, Prof, researching potentially dangerous monsters. Then again, she’s not particularly happy about engaging in similar research herself. However, if she steels herself, with reminders of how to approach potentially dangerous situations, and then has her trusty backpack and pocket of essentials, she can cope.

It seems Miss Mary-Kate Martin is in a potentially dangerous spot. There is evidence that the Two-Headed Hydra of the Greek Island of Galinios is angered and ferocious. Fishing boats and jetties bear the teeth marks and holes of this fury. Thereafter, it’s up to Prof to research this ancient island to discover the veracity and whereabouts of the creature. Meanwhile, Miss Mary-Kate is conducting her own research. She gathers her evidence within her strawberry-scented notebook with a glittery pen. Then again, she overcomes her fears about heights and bicycles to research the island, even making a friend along the way. What will Miss Mary-Kate Martin discover? It seems she has a head for investigations, and is maybe braver than anyone, even she, realises…

Bookwagon is jumping for joy to welcome a new Miss Mary-Kate Guide to Monsters‘ instalment aboard Bookwagon. Although every title can be read independently alone so satisfyingly, the series is a feast! We love and recommend Miss Mary-Kate Martin’s Guide to Monsters: The Trouble with the Two-Headed Hydra.

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The Trouble With the Two-Headed Hydra

Miss Mary-Kate Martin’s Guide to Monsters

Karen Foxlee, illustrated by Freda Chiu

(Pushkin Children’s)

Mary-Kate needs a certain order in her packing and presentation to ensure she’s ready to face a situation. Her pocket will hold the silver packet of chewing gum her father left behind before he disappeared. What’s more, she really needs her strawberry-scented notebook and glitter pens to record her thoughts and observations. It seems that Mary-Kate’s making preparations to leave for the Greek island of Galinios where her mother has a monster to research.
Karen Foxlee introduced us to Miss Mary-Kate Martin in The Wrath of the Woolington Wyrm. It seems that amongst Mary-Kate’s essentials is a jar of sparkly essence collected from that investigation. However, this research seems daunting. After all, it’s an island, and then the monster her mother’s researching is one of Greek Legend. Thereafter, what is The Trouble With the Two-Headed Hydra?
Can Nikos, of Nikos’ Island Tours, direct Mary-Kate toward the source of the problem? Then again, might his grandmother, Yiayia Eva, who holds the history of the island close, be helpful? Furthermore, what about Katarina Kyrios, CEO of Famous Sardines? Whatever, it seems there have been large, disturbing and angry attacks.
Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome The Trouble With the Two-Headed Hydra aboard. We love this writer, and delight in this series. This book can be read alone most satisfyingly. Then again, what about stepping into such a sparkly, witty, brilliantly researched series?


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