The True Colours of Coral Glen


Coral Glen possesses an extraordinary colour synthesis. She sees her family’s dubious neighbour Miss Mirk as something black and deadly, despite a hat of plum fandango with two electric rainforest feathers. Coral is heartbroken at the death of her grandmother. She says ‘no colour can sum up‘ her ache. She longs to apologise to her grandmother, believing she is responsible for her death. The hurt is compounded by the mysterious disappearance of her grandmother’s cat. Coral believes Miss Mirk is somehow responsible.

Coral accepts an invitation to communicate with her grandmother for a final time, before her ghost disappears from the earthly plain. The offer is made by Lyart,  ghostly Keeper of Halloway. Ghosts are visible to Coral. However Lyart alone of the ghosts in Halloway is not in hiding. Coral’s visit to the cemetery coincides with Halloween. Should the Heart Collector, Muckle Red, collect three precious objects before the end of this night, he will be free from his earthbound prison to create havoc and heartbreak anew. It is up to Coral to collect the objects ahead of Muckle Red. The chase grows more desperate when Lyart is captured by Muckle Red. She will need stamina, strength and a strong stomach. Her competitor is treacherous and ruthless, with powers beyond anything earthly.

The True Colours of Coral Glen‘ are put to the test. Coral learns who to trust and how far she will go to protect those she loves and what she values. Along the way she unearth truths and lies from history that impact on her present day existence.

Juliette Forrest has created an engrossing, thrilling story that is not for the faint-hearted. Readers, like their main character, will be sated yet enriched through experiencing ‘The True Colours of Coral Glen‘.


The True Colours of Coral Glen

Juliette Forrest


Coral Glen experiences colours. Her bedroom is a palette of wonders, while she perceives people in polychrome. However, Coral feels monochrome. Her beloved grandmother has died and Coral believes herself responsible. Furthermore, she has nobody to tell how she feels. Coral’s brilliance is shattered. It seems like she can’t see her way through the glare to some form of ‘normality.’
Then there’s the disappearance of Gran’s cat, Godfrey. Coral thinks there’s something mysterious about the behaviour of their neighbour, Miss Mirk. However, investigating only leads to ructions at home, and dire warnings from Miss Mirk. What is going on?
The mysteries heighten further when Coral runs to the graveyard to seek solace, from her grandmother’s burial site. However what is revealed is entirely unexpected. Lyart is not visible to many; Coral’s many-shaded perspective enables her to see and communicate with ghosts. As All Hallows’ Eve approaches, Lyart, the Keeper of the Halloway offers Coral the opportunity to connect with her grandmother a final time, to make reparations. However, Coral’s quest is complicated further in a race to stop an evil spirit escaping the graveyard, threatening Lyart, truth and order.
As with Twister Juliette Forrest has created a thrilling story, an original white knuckle ride of worms, wit and wonder!


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