The Truth About Martians


Mylo made promises to Obie he’s not told anyone. He is guilty that he could not keep them, and angered by the hypocrisy of adults. Mylo’s best friend Dibs is burdened by his father’s anger and financial woes. Yet both boys are inspired by Cracker Jacks, sightings of Graciela in the general store, and a conviction of alien life.

When strange lights and an explosion puncture their Roswell landscape, Mylo and Dibs decide to investigate. Despite Mordecai Lord’s warnings, they go further than they dare. Mylo is overcome by cries for help punctuating his senses. Graciela, Spuds and Diego determine to join them. What will the others make of the boys’ discovery? Can they trust what they find? What of the adults who are determined to cover up or destroy?

While Mylo and Dibs explore ‘The Truth About Martians‘ they are also discovering the truth about their friendship, responsibility, grief and healing.

Melissa Savage has followed up her hugely successful début Bigfoot, Tobin and Me with an exceptional novel. I read it in one go. Using the 1947 Roswell alien sighting as her setting, Melissa Savage has built a story of possibilities, loyalty, love and courage.

I am so proud to include this book within our titles. ‘The Truth About Martians’ is a story that I will be recommending constantly. It is outstanding.

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The Truth About Martians

Melissa Savage

(Chicken House)

 Dibs has memorised ‘The Truth About Martians’. He’s read the magazines. There is more information on the radio in each week’s edition of ‘Flash Gordon’ too. Mylo’s father isn’t saying much. Neither is Mordecai Lord. Yet Mylo and Dibs know that something strange hit the ground in Mac Brazel’s Roswell ranch during the storm. The flashing lights and strange odour draw them to investigate. What will they find? How will it affect what dominates their heads and hearts?



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