The Truth Pixie


‘The Truth Pixie’ lives alone, aside from her mouse, Maarta. The compulsion she has to tell the truth has isolated her from family and friends. It makes guests and those who make polite enquiries recoil. ‘The truth pixie cannot just be polite/ She just tells the truth if it takes until night.’ 

Forced to tell a story to an odious troll, Truth Pixie tells the truth. Her actions result in her meeting with Aada, and a long truth-telling session. This changes the course of their futures. There is a suggestion that it will influence our readers’ outlooks too.

Matt Haig has stepped up to speak about young people’s mental health on many occasions. ‘The Truth Pixie’ is a rhyming narrative supporting his work. It features very descriptive images from award-winning illustrator, Chris Mould. Readers ponder the plight and progress of ‘The Truth Pixie’. This is not a predictable story, but one wherein the character steps into our shoes. We may not have her problems, but empathise with her, and Aada’s, feelings.

The Truth Pixie‘ is a little power-house book. It offers considered words of empathy, hope, experience and comfort.

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The Truth Pixie

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Matt Haig, with illustrations by Chris Mould

(Canongate)– hardback

Can ‘The Truth Pixie’ reassure fearful Aada about her future? It does not seem likely. ‘The Truth Pixie’ is isolated by her compulsion to tell the truth. What will she tell Aada that might make her look with hope and realism about what lies ahead? Is ‘The Truth Pixie‘ able to change her own future?
Acclaimed writer Matt Haig offers a rhyming narrative for a younger generation about looking forward with hope and resolution.


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