The Unicorn Prince


The Unicorn Prince‘ is a traditional tale spun anew. Annis, her grandmother, chickens and cow live in a cramped, neglected castle. Annis’s sense of wonder and adventure are not cramped. Exploring the forest, she rescues a unicorn, returning it to the care and warmth of her home. Restored to full strength, the unicorn is able to be ridden by Annis. Together they venture into the forest, and chance upon fairies, evicted from their farm home. Annis invites them to stay with her. This welcome changes Annis’s fortunes and prospects.

The jewel-lustrous pictures glisten, the words are warm and enveloping. ‘The Unicorn Prince‘ is the sort of traditional tale that children and adults love to share and realise. ‘The Unicorn Prince’ is a ‘forever’ book, one to be read, treasured and enjoyed for years ahead.

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The Unicorn Prince

Saviour Pirotta and Jane Ray


Over the hills and over the moor/ Go Annis and her unicorn‘. The lonely castle in which Annis, her grandmother, chickens and cow live, is small and neglected. Yet, Annis returns from the forest with a unicorn she rescues. She returns with rescued fairies, who change Annis’s fortune and prospects. ‘The Unicorn Prince‘ is a lush, ‘forever’ traditional tale, resplendent, shining and beautiful, a perfect gift to treasure.


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