The Valley of the Strange


Milo doesn’t trust Gus, the strange shape-shifter who seems to hold no fear for Lucy. Then again, Lucy is an issue for Milo. Not only are his feelings for her jumbled, but then she demands so much from him. While his father demands he stays away from her!

It seems something’s happened in The Valley of the Strange, where the mines of Sticky Pines run deep with goo. Mr Sladen, Lucy’s father, has emerged completely changed, almost ‘zombie’ like, alongside his crew. As ever, Lucy’s determined to investigate further, despite her mother’s protestations, and Milo’s fears. Yet the two pledged to work together after the dramas of The Thing at Black Hole Lake. However, how far is Milo prepared to go, especially when the two join forces to rescue Mr Fisher? It seems there are discoveries to be made from that experience that meet Lucy’s wildest hopes and Milo’s greatest fears…

So, who’s tracking Milo? Then again, what is Mr Fisher up to? Furthermore, can The Pretenders be trusted? There is more to discover, gingerly, in the witty, wise curious third title in the Sticky Pines’ series. Bookwagon welcomes The Valley of the Strange aboard with such enthusiasm!

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The Valley of the Strange

Dashe Roberts

(Nosy Crow)

Lucy Sladen regrets the arrival of Mr Fisher to Sticky Pines. It seems everything has turned upside-down, including her father who’s emerged from a shift in the sweetener valley undeniably different. However, without the arrival of Mr Fisher, Lucy wouldn’t have met Milo, whom she regards as her best friend.
However, Milo is conflicted. On the one hand, he’s promised to tell Lucy everything after The Thing at Black Hole Lake, while on the other, his father wants Milo to stay away from Lucy. After all, Lucy Sladen’s investigating has wreaked serious damage on his enterprise, and revealed too much of The Valley of the Strange. 
So what is behind Mr Sladen’s peculiar transformation into a would-be rock star? Then again, are Milo’s suspicions of Gus and ‘his shape-shifters‘ justified? Furthermore, what will be revealed in a cave rescue that both Lucy and Milo undertake. Might it lead to the revelation that Lucy’s been seeking?
 Bookwagon is captivated by The Valley of the Strange, this third title in the Sticky Pines’ series, from Dashe Roberts. What’s more, we recommend these books for any curious, open-minded, middle grade reader. Not only is the mystery tight and peculiar, but the humour so off-beat and satisfying. Then there is the rich character development and sudden surprises…



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