The Vanquishers


Decades ago, a group called The Vanquishers rid San Antonio of vampires at an event called the Reaping. Despite the passing of time it seems the parents and grandmother of ‘Boog’, Cedrick and Jules maintain the caution of potential vampire attack from those times. It means the friends’ whereabouts and routines are strictly monitored. However, when they make friends with Alex, he is permitted to join their group.

Therefore, when Alex disappears from the ice skating rink mysteriously, the friends’ adults ramp up the protection. Then again, what is it about digging around the perimeter of sections, adding silver sections to the fence, and insisting that the three wear silver crosses? Could it be that the adults know something that the children don’t? Furthermore, what has happened to Alex? When he returns to the friends secretly, it seems he’s undergone a change that is too difficult to understand. Yet at whose hand- or teeth?

Bookwagon welcomes The Vanquishers, the first title in a new middle grade fantasy series from award winning writer, Kayla Bayron.


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The Vanquishers

Kalynn Bayron


Cedrick longs to know more about The Vanquishers, the legendary group who cleared San Antonio of the last hive of vampires some decades ago. Although they were disguised and secretive, it seems that ‘Lita, Jules’ grandmother was the Mask of the Red Death. Despite the Reaping, when the Undead were disposed of, it seems that Boog’s, Cedrick’s and Jules’ families maintain anti- vampire routines. This includes liberal cleaning with a potent, homemade spray.
Although the trio are embarrassed by their adults’s caution, things seem more sinister. It’s not just at school, with  Mr Rupert’s over- attentiveness. It seems there are shadows and sounds, and some sort of ‘presence’. However when their new friend, Aaron, disappears, everything changes further. Then again, when Boog sights him at twilight, her world is changed forever. Something has happened to Aaron that defies explanation. It seems that the friends’ adults’ rising concern about vampires might be justified. However in meeting with Aaron, could Boog be putting herself at risk?
Kalynn Bayron created the YA bestseller Cinderella is Dead. The Vanquishers opens a new, crisp, thrilling middle grade series that we love and recommend! Bookwagon suggests this would be a wonderful choice for readers who love crafty thrillers!



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